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If the notice of Your apartment has a barcode you can to write it here
If the notice of Your apartment does not have a barcode You will need to provide the building code and your apartment code as listed in the notice. ( Pay attention to English or Greek characters as well as lowercase and uppercase ) Finally, you should also mention the year (eg 2022) for the notice.
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By  joining  our  online  system  you  can:

If you own the apartment renter

  • Display a notice and print it
  • Display a consolidated spending statement and print it

If our company manages your apartment building

  • Pay your bills by credit or debit card
  • Show when and when a notice was paid.
  • You can report any payment to the bank.
  • Display of scanned outputs.

If you are a manager

  • You can see the amount of unpaid bills
  • a breakdown of who owes public accounts
  • any date notice form has been issued and print it.

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